We offer

Components for rail vehicles

Production of components for railway vehicles belongs to our main specializations. We are certified for their production and assembly in accordance with CSN EN 15085 - C-CL1 standard.

Weldments made from stainless steel

Our stainless steel weldments  satisfy strict standards relating their use in the food-processing, chemical or engineering industry.

Weldments made from plain steel

We produce welded components from simple parts up to sophisticated weldments, where high demands are put on accuracy, surface finishing and overall assembly.

Orbital welding of pipeline assemblies

We offer welding and assembling of piping and pipeline components from stainless steel and also plain steel. 

Arrangement of cast pieces and consulting

We offer under long-term cooperation with Czech and German foundries deliveries of cast pieces including consulting services, production of models and machining.


EN ISO 15085-2-CL1 | EN ISO 9001:2008 | EN 1090-1-EXC2