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Our manufacturing plant

Our manufacturing plant occupies a strategic location near the main D1 highway, in Ivančice u Brna.  The manufacturing plant is divided into stainless steel welding shop and workshop for production from plain steel.

Used welding methods:

A.    Manual welding 

  • Metal akuum gas welding; MAG welding (135)
  • Tungsten inert gas welding; TIG welding  (141)
  • capacitor stud welding with point ignition (786)

B.  Spot Welding

Spot welding creates highly quality connections which may be easily and quickly reproduced.  Furthermore, the associated rapid cooling makes for a better structure. This efficient method is suitable practically for all types of steel.

C.    Orbital welding

Orbital welding is used for welding of pipeline and pipeline components with the WIG technology. With the application of orbital welding we can achieve in production high quality of weld joint, which is necessary in production of technologically-demanding equipment. This technology is applied for example in the pharmaceutical industry, food-processing industry, chemical industry, automotive industry or power-producing industry.

Machining and surface treatment

Production of steel constructions is completed with machining and finishing ensured by our company in cooperation with our partners. 


Our workshop is equipped with professional facilities for production of weldments. We have at our disposal:

  • Fronius welding sources
  • Tigtronic Compact 200 orbital source, Orbitec GmbH
  • PN25 punching tongs
  • Hydraulic scissors CNTF 3200/6 CNCo
  • Brake press CTOF 160/3200 CNC
  • crane with the loading capacity of 10 tons